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Note: This page is under construction! Contribute to it by looking for MIPI-DSI panels in drivers/gpu/drm/panel/ and filling out the data sheet

MIPI-DSI Displays are displays that follow the MIPI-DSI standard. Such displays can be connected to various PINE64 Single Board Computers.

MIPI Channels and Lanes

The MIPI Lanes number is given in a format of channels×lanes. Before buying one, make sure that your SBC has enough channels and lanes to drive the display!

  • ROCKPro64: 2×4
  • Quartz64 Model A: 1×4
  • Quartz64 Model B: 1×2
  • SOQuartz: 1×4 + 1×2

Displays With Mainline Drivers

These displays have free and open-source drivers in the main Linux kernel tree.

Manufacturer Part Number Size Resolution Panel Technology MIPI Lanes
Sharp LQ101R1SX01 10.1" 2560×1600 TN? 2×4
Feiyang FY07024DI26A30-D 7.0" 1024×600 TN? 1×4