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== LuneOS ==
== LuneOS ==

Based on WebOS by LG, comes with Luna Next desktop environment.
LuneOS is a open source mobile operating system based on [https://www.webosose.org/ webOS Open Source Edition]([https://github.com/webosose GitHub], previously known as [https://github.com/openwebos Open webOS]) by LG, comes with [https://webos-ports.org/wiki/Luna_Next Luna Next] UI, currently developed by [https://www.webos-ports.org/wiki/Main_Page WebOS Ports] community.
- [https://webos-ports.org/wiki/Pinephone_Info WebOS-Ports Pinephone Wiki page]

'''Download location'''
'''Download location'''
[http://build.webos-ports.org/luneos-testing/images/pinephone/ LuneOS test image for PinePhone]
[http://build.webos-ports.org/luneos-testing/images/pinephone/ LuneOS test image for PinePhone]
Tofe recommends using bmaptool ; for example "bmaptool copy http://build.webos-ports.org/luneos-testing/images/pinephone/luneos-dev-image-pinephone-testing-0-15.rootfs.wic.gz /dev/mmcblk0". Rename .wic file to .img for standard dd usage.  
Tofe recommends using bmaptool, which is way faster than dd, and can decompresses compressed images on-the-fly.
Syntax is:
bmaptool copy [from] [to]
For example:
bmaptool copy http://build.webos-ports.org/luneos-testing/images/pinephone/luneos-dev-image-pinephone-testing-0-140.rootfs.wic.gz /dev/mmcblk0
.wic file can be treated as .img file when flashing. You may rename .wic file to .img when using GUI tools that require .img files.

== Maemo Leste ==
== Maemo Leste ==


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