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You can find those in attachments.
You can find those in attachments.
== Emulation ==
I'd like to try programming PineTime firmware even though I've not yet ordered any PineTimes (due to [[PineTime hardware wishlist|concerns about the capacitive touch and lack of transflectivity]]) and so I was wondering whether the PineTime system could be emulated using Qemu. Based on the PineTime specifications and determining that nRF52832 is [//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_Cortex-M#Cortex-M4 ARM Cortex-M4], this is as far as I got with composing the Qemu command:
qemu-system-arm -machine none -cpu cortex-m4 -m 0.06125 -serial stdio -display ??? -rtc ??? -bt ??? -bios ???.bin -mtdblock PineTime-firmware.bin
Does anyone know Qemu and PineTime well enough to complete the above command? This would be really helpful.<BR/>
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