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== Partitioning The Block Device ==
== Partitioning The Block Device ==

Here we assume your block device is <tt>/dev/sdb</tt>, adjust as needed.
Create a new partition table:
# parted -s /dev/sdb mklabel gpt
Create the partitions for loader and u-boot:
# parted -s /dev/sdb unit s mkpart loader 64 8MiB
# parted -s /dev/sdb unit s mkpart uboot 8MiB 16MiB
Create the partition for u-boot's environment:
# parted -s /dev/sdb unit s mkpart env 16MiB 32MiB
Create the "efi" boot partition and mark it as bootable:
# parted -s /dev/sdb unit s mkpart efi fat32 32MiB 544MiB
# parted -s /dev/sdb set 4 boot on
Create the root partition:
# parted -s /dev/sdb unit s mkpart root ext4 544MiB 100%
=== Creating The File Systems ===
Now create the file systems for boot and root:
# mkfs.vfat -n "efi" /dev/sdb4
# mkfs.ext4 -L "rootfs" /dev/sdb5

== Fetching and Flashing U-Boot ==
== Fetching and Flashing U-Boot ==


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