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Linux Image Releases

Ubuntu Mate


Ubuntu Mate Image [20161215] built by Pine64

    • This is a build including DE based on longsleep works and may not have all the up-to-date features offered by longsleep and Sunxi community. For latest build, you can create one and following this thread
    • This build optimizes Gigabit Ethernet parameter and improves on GbE connectivity.
    • Included Mate Desktop, Firebox Browser, and LibreOffice Suite.
    • Included libvdpau-sunxi with SMPlayer
    • Included with Wifi and Bluetooth
    • Included library set that provides access to the GPIO headers in Linux as provided by community member KB3VGW (
    • Not yet optimize for Graphic acceleration
    • Suitable for Sopine Board only
  • Login with
    • username: ubuntu
    • password: ubuntu
  • Auto execute script on first boot-up to resize the root partition in order to fully utilize the SD Card
  • DD image (for 8GB micoSD card and above):

openSUSE Base Image


openSUSE Base Image [20170328]

The image includes a config tool which, among other options, allows users to install a desktop environment: sudo /usr/local/sbin/

Android Image Releases

Android 6.x


Android 6.0.1 Image [20170331]

  • DD image (for microSD Card to eMMC)

Android 5.x


Android 5.1.1 Image [20160630]