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(→‎Reverse-Engineered Stuff: Add rkf_waveform_type enum, couldn't find any uses of it, may have been optimised out I guess?)
(→‎Structs: Add rk_waveform struct)
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     struct ebc_info* info;
     struct ebc_info* info;
=== rk_waveform ===
<source lang="c">
struct rk_waveform {
    int length,
    char[16] format,
    char[16] version,
    char[16] timeandday,
    char[16] panel_name,
    char[16] panel_info,
    char[64] full_version,
    char[64] reset_temp_list,
    char[64] gc16_temp_list,
    char[64] gl16_temp_list,
    char[64] glr16_temp_list,
    char[64] gld16_temp_list,
    char[64] du_temp_list,
    char[64] a2_temp_list,
    uint[64] reset_list,
    uint[64] gc16_list,
    uint[64] gl16_list,
    uint[64] glr16_list,
    uint[64] gld16_list,
    uint[64] du_list,
    uint[64] a2_list