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Under Construction!


Upstreaming Status

Function Status Component Notes
Video Output Needs porting rockchipdrm/VOP-v2
3D Acceleration Linux Mainline Upstream Mesa panfrost
Video Decode Linux Mainline? Not in ffmpeg hantro-vpu, using v4l2m2m Speculative status on this also being hantro
Audio Needs porting snd-soc-rockchip-i2s?
Linux Mainline rk817-codec
u-boot Waiting on ATF sources
Device Tree In review
Gigabit Ethernet Linux Mainline rk3566-gmac
IOMMU Linux Mainline rockchip-iommu
GPIO Linux Mainline
pinctrl Linux Mainline
Thermal regulation Linux Mainline rockchip-thermal
PCIe Linux Mainline pcie-dw-rockchip
Power Management Linux Mainline rockchip-pm-domain



Board/SoC Documentation


Boot Order

The RK3566 boot ROM will search for a valid ID BLOCK in the following order on the support boot media:

  • SPI NOR flash
  • SPI NAND flash
  • eMMC
  • SD-Card

... if this fails, the boot ROM will initialize the USB0 port and wait for a connection from the Rockchip flash/boot tools.

BSP Image Layout