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! scope="row" | Battery
! scope="row" | Battery
| colspan="2" style="background:LightYellow; text-align:center;"|In review<sup>[https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/linux-rockchip/list/?series=519917]</sup>
| colspan="2" style="background:LightYellow; text-align:center;"|In review<sup>[https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/linux-rockchip/list/?series=521483]</sup>
| <code>rk817-charger</code>
| <code>rk817-charger</code>
| In the BSP tree this is handled by [https://gitlab.com/pine64-org/quartz-bsp/rockchip-linux/-/blob/quartz64/drivers/power/supply/rk817_battery.c rk817_battery.c] and [https://gitlab.com/pine64-org/quartz-bsp/rockchip-linux/-/blob/quartz64/drivers/power/supply/rk817_charger.c rk817_charger.c]
| In the BSP tree this is handled by [https://gitlab.com/pine64-org/quartz-bsp/rockchip-linux/-/blob/quartz64/drivers/power/supply/rk817_battery.c rk817_battery.c] and [https://gitlab.com/pine64-org/quartz-bsp/rockchip-linux/-/blob/quartz64/drivers/power/supply/rk817_charger.c rk817_charger.c]

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This page documents the current status of software support for the Quartz64 single-board computer, and provides links to resources to help prospective contributors get started. Information is kept current on a best-effort basis as various patches get accepted into the kernel.


Upstreaming Status

Function Status Component Notes
Video Output Needs porting rockchipdrm/VOP-v2
3D Acceleration Linux Mainline Upstream Mesa panfrost
Video Decode Linux Staging Not in ffmpeg[1] hantro-vpu, using v4l2-requests Necessary device tree changes in review
Audio Needs porting snd-soc-rockchip-i2s? i2s i2s fix vad pdm spdif
Linux Mainline rk817-codec As of 5.14
u-boot Waiting on ATF sources
Device Tree Basic Quartz64 Model A device tree in review[2]
Gigabit Ethernet Linux Mainline rk3566-gmac As of 5.14[3]
Linux Mainline yt8511-phy As of 5.14
IOMMU Linux Mainline rockchip-iommu As of 5.14[4]
GPIO In review[5] gpio-rockchip
pinctrl Linux Mainline
Thermal Regulation Linux Mainline rockchip-thermal As of 5.14[6]
PCIe In review[7] pcie-dw-rockchip
Power Management Linux Mainline rockchip-pm-domain As of 5.14[8]
Voltage Control In review[9] rk3568-pmu-io-voltage-domain
SPI Linux Mainline spi-rockchip As of 5.14[10]
Battery In review[11] rk817-charger In the BSP tree this is handled by rk817_battery.c and rk817_charger.c
Microphone In review[12] rockchip-saradc Headphone jack mic seems to connect to SARADC_VIN2_HP_HOOK, so I'm pretty sure that the dtsi and driver changes are needed for that mic to work

Current Status

The following sections give an overview over the current status of different parts of the board. Some parts are waiting on a driver to be written or ported, others only need various adjustments.

General performance is poor, this is likely due to the AHB bus running slow, and may require some major rework of the clock layout to get to acceptable speeds.


  • eMMC
  • SDMMC0 (SD cards)
  • GMAC (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • USB 2.0
  • SATA 2
  • SATA 3
  • UART
    • UART 0 (Pi-bus)
    • UART 1 (Bluetooth)
    • UART 2 (Pi-bus, debug)
  • Video Decode
    • VP8
  • Battery

Partially Working

  • PCI-Express Controller — everything but devices that need cache coherency (e.g. dGPUs) should work
  • USB 3.0 — at 2.0 speeds only, appears to be due to a PHY configuration issue
  • SDMMC1 (Wi-Fi) — AP6256 working, BL602 needs some work to make it flash firmware
  • I2C — works but is not yet exposed to the Pi-bus
  • GIC — needs errata published by Rockchip to get upstream to add device-specific workarounds[13]

Confirmed Broken

  • Nothing!

Needs Testing

  • GPU — Need a VOP-v2 DRM driver to get display output
  • Audio — Needs I2S driver
  • E-Paper
  • SPI




Board/SoC Documentation


Boot Order

The RK3566 boot ROM will search for a valid ID BLOCK in the following order on the support boot media:

  • SPI NOR flash
  • SPI NAND flash
  • eMMC
  • SD-Card

... if this fails, the boot ROM will initialize the USB0 port and wait for a connection from the Rockchip flash/boot tools.

Bootloader Flashing

As per pgwipeout's commit message:

  • Make a partition named uboot as partition number 1 at 8 MiB to 16 MiB
  • dd if=idblock.bin of=/dev/<mmc/sd> seek=64
  • dd if=uboot.img of=/dev/<mmc/sd>1

BSP Image Layout