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OS Image Releases

For information on how to install these images onto your device, please see the NOOB Page, which includes information on writing images to the device EMMC or a SDCard.

Arch Linux


Arch Linux community build [microSD/ eMMC Boot]

Debian Desktop


Debian Desktop Community Build Image [microSD to eMMC] by mrfixit2001

  • This was previously the default operating system for the Pinebook Pro
  • Includes desktop, Firefox browser, and LibreOffice
  • DD image (for 8GB microSD card / 16GB eMMC module and above):
  • Login with
    • username: rock
    • password: rock



Focal MATE and GNOME Community Builds [microSD/ eMMC Boot] by ayufan

Bionic LXDE


Bionic LXDE Community Build Image by ayufan [microSD and eMMC Boot]

Bionic Mate


Bionic Mate Community Build Image [microSD Boot] by ayufan

  • Included Mate Desktop, Firefox Browser, and LibreOffice Suite
  • DD image (for 8GB micoSD card /16GB eMMC module and above):
  • Login with
    • username: rock64
    • password: rock64

Manjaro ARM

  • The Manjaro project offers a mainline kernel with patches and modules to support PBPro hardware in two flavors. Both provide DD images and installer images (DD to SD card which will then install to eMMC when booted).
  • To learn more about Manjaro please visit Manjaro Forum
  • Pitfall: When using the EMMC installer from SD card, you may get stuck on the bootsplash animation forever. But that's just the image masking the TUI (text mode user interface) installer. Just press escape after like some seconds or so, and you will have an easy-to-follow installer. See foum post: manjaro-arm-installer to eMMC

Manjaro ARM with KDE (Plasma) desktop [microSD / eMMC Boot]

Manjaro ARM with GTK (XFCE) desktop [microSD / eMMC Boot]

Manjaro ARM with i3 tiling window manager [microSD / eMMC Boot]

Manjaro ARM Test Build Image with GTK (Gnome) desktop [microSD Boot]

Manjaro ARM installer

The manjaro-arm-installer script is intended to install Manjaro ARM directly to SD/eMMC cards without the need for images (including LXQT, Mate & CuboCore editions, as well as full disk encryption)

Kali Linux

Kali Linux prebuilt OS images for Pinebook Pro [SD/eMMC boot]


PostmarketOS logo.png

Official postmarketOS build [microSD/ eMMC Boot]

  • Official postmarketOS build with the GNOME desktop for the Pinebook Pro.
  • DD image (for 8GB micoSD card /16GB eMMC module and above):
  • Login with
    • username: demo
    • password: demo OR 147147



Q4OS Test Build Image [microSD / eMMC Boot]

OpenSUSE XFCE OS Image [microSD / eMMC Boot]

OpenSUSE GNOME 3 OS Image [microSD / eMMC Boot]



Fedora GNOME3 OS Image [microSD / eMMC Boot]



Armbian [microSD / eMMC Boot]



NetBSD [microSD /eMMC Boot]

  • To learn more about NetBSD please visit NetBSD main page
  • DD image to microSD card or eMMC module. Highly recommend using Etcher
  • Console and SSH default login:
    • username: root
    • password: [none]
  • Instructions concerning enabling SSH can be found here


Puffy mascot openbsd.png




Chromium Community Build Image by ayufan [microSD and eMMC Boot]



Recalbox for Pinebook Pro [SD/eMMC boot]

  • Recalbox is a retrogaming Linux distribution allowing for emulation of all classic videogame systems.
  • DD image (for 8GB micoSD card /16GB eMMC module and above):
  • SSH Login
    • username: root
    • password: recalboxroot

openSUSE Tumbleweed [microSD /eMMC Boot]

  • Included Xfce Desktop, Firefox Browser, and LibreOffice Suite
    • DD image (for 32GB microSD card /32GB eMMC module and above):

Fedora Workstation with Gnome Desktop [microSD /eMMC Boot]

  • Included Gnome Desktop, Firefox Browser, and LibreOffice Suite
    • DD image (for 32GB microSD card /32GB eMMC module and above):

Android Image Releases

Android 7.1 microSD

Stock Android for DD method [micro SD Boot] [20190918]

Stock for RK Flash tool [SD Boot] [20190427]

Android 7.1 eMMC

Stock Android for DD method [eMMC Boot] [20190807]

  • Production floor testing image
  • Please allows some time (around 5 minutes) for the initialization process on 1st boot
  • DD image for 64GB eMMC Module
  • DD image for 128GB eMMC Module

Stock for RK Flash tool [eMMC Boot] [20190807]

Linux Installer Releases

Debian Installer


Daniel Thompson's Debian Installer for the Pinebook Pro

  • This is an image creator and Debian installer that runs from an existing Linux OS and installs Debian Bullseye
    • Installer can configure an encrypted rootfs and provides a choice of desktops, including the default Debian desktop based on Gnome 3
    • Strict adoption of upstream Debian packages (with exception of kernel and bootloaders) in order to provide a clean upgrade path as Bullseye matures
  • Download at:
  • Pull requests welcome but for discussion and support please use the forum topic.

For more information, see the Pinebook_Pro_Debian_Installer wiki page

Official Debian Installer Images

  • Uses only the upstream kernel and firmware without special patches
  • No graphical display yet, works only through serial console
  • Requires adding the non-free component to your /etc/apt/sources.list file and installing the "firmware-linux" package for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support
  • Installer is loaded into RAM, can install onto the same media it's booted off of
  • Supports automatic partitioning and full disk encryption through LVM
  • Installer currently doesn't install the bootloader, leaving the installed system in an unbootable state until it's manually added

The relevant files are built daily here and may sometimes be unavailable if the build system is having issues. The "README.concatenateable_images" file provides instructions on how to combine the partition.img.gz file with the firmware.pinebook-pro.rk3399.img.gz file in order to create a DD-able image.

The official images are not recommended yet until the display begins working and the installer properly installs the bootloader. Most users will want to see Daniel Thompson's Debian Installer instead.

Gentoo Script


Gentoo Script for Pinebook Pro

  • This is a script that prepares a Gentoo arm64 stage 3 tarball for the Pinebook Pro
    • The script takes care of device specifics like an optimized make.conf, an overlay that provides Kernel and Firmware amongst others, and other miscellaneous fixes
  • The usual tarball setup as per Gentoo Handbook is left to the user.
  • Forum thread with instructions at

Kali Script

Kali Linux for Pinebook Pro