Pinebook Pro Hardware Accessory Compatibility

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This page was started in the early days when not all accessories/peripherals have been working

Type Make/Model Hardware IDs Result
USB-2 SDHC reader Sandisk MobileMate+ 0781:b2b3 Good
USB-3 SDHC/CF reader Transcend TS-RDF8K 8564:4000 Good
USB-3 combo hub (network, card slots, usb ports) generic 05e3:0610 hub, 0bda:8153 gigE, 05e3:0743 card reader network good, usb ports good, card good
USB-C combo hub (network, card slots, usb ports) generic 05e3:0612 hub, 0bda:8153 realtek gigE network good, usb ports bad, card bad
USB-C combo hub (hdmi, network, card slots, usb ports) generic all bad
Yubikey Yubico 1050:0010 Good
USB-C to HDMI adaptor generic Good
Bluetooth Mouse HP Z5000 E5C13AA Good
512GB SD Card Samsung Evo Select MB-ME512GA/AM Good
USB C to DP Adapter OrxnQ Upto 4K@60Hz Good, tested to 1080p