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  • This is an image creator and Debian installer that runs from an existing Linux OS and installs Debian Bullseye
    • Installer can configure an encrypted rootfs and provides a choice of desktops, including the default Debian desktop based on Gnome 3
    • Strict adoption of upstream Debian packages (with exception of kernel and bootloaders) in order to provide a clean upgrade path as Bullseye matures
  • Download at:
  • Pull requests welcome but for discussion and support please use the forum topic.


Feature Status Notes
Wifi Works out of the box
Full disk encryption Works Requires running the installer with `CRYPT=yes`

Current issues

Issue Category Status Workaround Notes
Firefox 'Illegal instruction' Debian issue Use a different browser meanwhile (epiphany for instance)
cdn-dp fec00000.dp: Direct firmware load for rockchip/dptx.bin failed with error -2 Debian issue If having FDE, it fails to load at boot as the firmware is not included in initramfs Include the dptx.bin firmware in the initramfs (