PineTime hardware wishlist

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This page contains a list of things people wish PineTime did differently


  • Long pressing the button should power-cycle the watch without any software being involved
  • Used sensors should be NDA-free and preferably also blob-free
  • LCD should be transflective to allow visibility while the backlight is completely off for excellent power-efficiency.
  • Touchscreen should not be capacitive, as it's prone to accidental touch and rain interference; it should be resistive, which is only sensitive to touch pressure rather than merely the slightest contact.
  • A slightly bigger 256×256 pixel graphics display size is preferable for its binary alignment, affording some low-level simplicity – it has the property that its X and Y coördinates are each addressable with a single byte, with no out-of-bounds; its total number of pixels is 65536 (another power of 2), and each pixel is addressable with exactly 2 bytes, with perfect efficiency. The IBNIZ (Ideally Bare Numeric Impression giZmo) virtual machine, designed for fun minimalist demoscene graphics, has chosen 256×256 for its virtual display, and makes use of these simplicity advantages. If PineTime also chose 256×256 then it would be a target platform for unclipped IBNIZ demoscene programmes, which would be really fun to play around with on one's wrist!