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The PineTab Early Adopter edition was the first hardware revision of the PineTab which shipped to customers. Shipping began on September 6, 2020.


The device shipped with a beta build of Ubuntu Touch by UBports. This build is available to download at It has the following problems which are software, not hardware, issues:

  • The mouse fails to move around the entire screen. It is stuck in an 800px horizontal box.
  • It is not possible to enable Bluetooth
  • Cameras do not function

The first-time setup wizard advises the user to unplug the keyboard dock (avoiding the mouse issues) and update the system. Unfortunately, as of this update to this page (September 8, 2020) this will not fix any of the issues above.

16GB/64GB storage software error

The image installed on the device was sized for a 16GB (~14GiB) eMMC, but the PineTab shipped with a 64GB (~58GiB) eMMC chip installed. This means that the "Storage" page in the "About" section of Ubuntu Touch System Settings will show total storage as 14.0GiB until the partition table on the device is edited.

UBports developers are currently working on a solution that will automatically edit the partition table and resize the data partition without disturbing any user data.