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* LPDDR3 (178 Balls) SDRAM:
* LPDDR3 (178 Balls) SDRAM:
** [http://files.pine64.org/doc/datasheet/pinephone/ATL3A1632H12A_mobile_lpddr3_11x11.5_v1.0_1600.pdf Artmem LPDDR3 datasheet]

* eMMC information:
* eMMC information:
** [http://files.pine64.org/doc/rock64/PINE64_eMMC_Module_20170719.pdf PINE64 eMMC module schematic]
** [http://files.pine64.org/doc/rock64/usb%20emmc%20module%20adapter%20v2.pdf PINE64 USB adapter for eMMC module V2 schematic]
** [http://files.pine64.org/doc/rock64/USB%20adapter%20for%20eMMC%20module%20PCB.tar PINE64 USB adapter for eMMC module PCB in JPEG]
** [http://files.pine64.org/doc/datasheet/pine64/SDINADF4-16-128GB-H%20data%20sheet%20v1.13.pdf SanDisk eMMC Datasheet]

* CMOS camera module information:
* CMOS camera module information:
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* LCD touch screen panel information:
* LCD touch screen panel information:
** [http://files.pine64.org/doc/datasheet/pinetab/GT9271.pdf GOODiX GT9271 Capacitive Touch Controller datasheet]
** [http://files.pine64.org/doc/datasheet/pinetab/GT9271_Config_20200818_142030_V66.cfg PineTab GT9271 Capacitive Touch Controller configuration file]

* Lithium battery information:
* Lithium battery information:

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The PineTab is a 10" tablet created by Pine64.


  • Dimensions: 11mm x 175mm x 260mm (Thickness, Width, Height)
  • Weight: 575g (Tablet alone)
  • Build: Plastic
  • Storage:
    • 64GB of internal eMMC storage
    • MicroSD slot, bootable
    • M.2 SSD slot, (optional)
  • Cameras: 2Mpx Front, 5Mpx Rear
  • CPU: Allwinner A64 Quad Core
  • GPU: Mali 400 MP2
  • I/O: HD Video Out (Mini HDMI), Micro USB 2.0 OTG, USB 2.0 A host, 3.5mm Headphone/Mic combo,
  • Network
    • WiFi
    • M.2 LTE / Cell MODEM card, (optional, and takes place of optional M.2 SSD)
  • Screen: 10.1" IPS 800x1280 Capacitive LCD
  • Attachments/Accessories: Magnetically attached keyboard (optional)
  • Battery: 6000MAh (6Ah)
  • Misc. features:
    • Volume rocker and home button
    • Speakers and Microphone
    • 2.5mm OD 0.7mm ID DC Jack Power (5V 2A) Port


Overview: The PineTab detachable keyboard features a full function row, FN key functionality, meta key (where the Windows key would be) and all of the keys you need for daily use.

FN keys:: Pause/play (F2), Stop (F3), Previous(F4), Next(F5), Music (F6), Mail (F7), Home (F8), Mute (F9), Vol- (F10), Vol+ (F11), Disable touchpad (F12), NumLock (Insert), Scroll Lock (Delete), PgUp (Up Arrow), PgDn (Down Arrow), Home (Left Arrow), End (Right Arrow), Digital Numpad (7,8,9,0,U,I,O,P,J,K,L,;,M,.,/)

PineTab board information, schematics and certifications

Datasheets for components and peripherals

  • Lithium battery information:

Operating Systems

The PineTab will automatically boot from microSD if a bootable card is inserted. Although it is technically possible to use any ARM distro (because the PineTab uses the mainline kernel), there are a few that are designed specifically for phones and tablets:


The UBPorts jenkins daily build can be downloaded here


postmarketOS is a preconfigured version of Alpine Linux for mobile devices. The latest builds can be downloaded from the images page to be flashed to the PineTab.

More information is available at postmarketos.org and on their dedicated PineTab wiki page.

Arch Linux ARM

Arch Linux ARM with LXQt built by Danct12 can be downloaded here