PinePhone Updating Instructions

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There is no need to regularly flash the newest images to your phone. You can use the pre-installed program "Software" or because Mobian is based on Debian you can open a terminal and use apt to keep the system updated. The following command will check for updates and install them:

 $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

If some packages were held back, you can update them with:

 $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Other OSs

Manjaro, or other Arch Linux based OSs

To first download all new package's

 $ sudo pacman -Suuyyw

and do the same without the 'w' to apply new package's

 $ sudo pacman -Suy 

(--cache-dir can be used for a separate download location, otherwise consider reading for further optimization)

If you encounter any errors during the update, you may have to update the Pacman mirrors as follows:

 $ sudo pacman-mirrors -f

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