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LuneOS is a open source mobile operating system based on [https://www.webosose.org/ webOS Open Source Edition]([https://github.com/webosose GitHub], previously known as [https://github.com/openwebos Open webOS]) by LG, comes with [https://webos-ports.org/wiki/Luna_Next Luna Next] UI, currently developed by the WebOS Ports community.
LuneOS is one of the original multi-tasking OS-es that runs on Linux. Based on HP/Palm's webOS, merged with latest technology stack from LG called webOS OSE (a derivative of what LG uses on their Smart TV's), software such as Qt5 and makes use of the Yocto build system.

* [https://www.webos-ports.org/wiki/Main_Page WebOS Ports Wiki]
* [https://www.webos-ports.org/wiki/Main_Page WebOS Ports Wiki]
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* GitHub: [https://github.com/webOS-ports WebOS Ports]
* GitHub: [https://github.com/webOS-ports WebOS Ports]

'''Download location'''
==== Download ====

* [https://github.com/webOS-ports/meta-pine64-luneos/releases LuneOS test images for PinePhone]
* LuneOS Preview images: [https://github.com/webOS-ports/meta-pine64-luneos/releases Downloads]

It is recommended to use ''bmaptool'', which is faster than dd, and can decompress archived image files on-the-fly.
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!colspan="2" style="background: #a7d7f9;"| Default credentials
! Default user
| <code>root</code>

Syntax is:
==== Notes ====

bmaptool copy [from] [to]
In order to connect to the device using SSH/SCP via WiFi: You can simply connect via SSH/SCP via WiFi using the PinePhone's IP address on port 22.
For example:
bmaptool copy https://github.com/webOS-ports/meta-pine64-luneos/releases/download/20220108-pinephone/luneos-dev-image-pinephone-0-0.rootfs.wic.gz /dev/mmcblk0
.wic file can be treated as .img file when flashing. You may rename .wic file to .img when using GUI tools that require file extension to be .img.

== Maemo Leste ==
== Maemo Leste ==