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This page contains a list of all available releases and tools for the PinePhone Pro.

Software releases

Arch Linux ARM


(Unofficial) Arch Linux ARM with choice of Phosh UI, Plasma Mobile, sxmo or barebones. Currently being maintained by the DanctNIX community (GitHub: danctnix, dreemurrs-embedded).


Get both stable and test builds at GitHub releases.

Default credentials
Default user alarm/123456
root root/root



LuneOS is one of the original multi-tasking OS-es that runs on Linux. Based on HP/Palm's webOS, merged with latest technology stack from LG called webOS OSE (a derivative of what LG uses on their Smart TV's), software such as Qt5 and makes use of the Yocto build system.


Default credentials
Default user root

In order to connect to the device using SSH/SCP via WiFi: You can simply connect via SSH/SCP via WiFi using the PinePhonePro's IP address on port 22.

Manjaro ARM


Manjaro is a user-friendly Linux distribution based on the independently developed Arch operating system with the Plasma Mobile desktop environment.


Default credentials
Default user manjaro/123456
root root/root



An unofficial Debian build for ARM64 running with Phosh (developed by Purism, uses Wayland instead of Xorg). The base system is pure Debian, with only the GUI applications and a few others (ModemManager, WiFi chip firmware) being built from modified sources (as well as the kernel and u-boot). Current version is Debian Bookworm.




WIP. See pinephonepro-support.

Default credentials
Default user mobian/1234

In order to connect to the device using SSH/SCP via WiFi, you need to install SSH on the device. You can do this by executing the following in a shell: "sudo apt-get install ssh", afterwards you can connect via SSH/SCP via WiFi using the PinePhonePro's IP address on port 22.



NixOS is a Linux distribution built on top of the Nix package manager using declarative configuration to allow reliable system upgrades.



WIP. See



postmarketOS extends Alpine Linux to run on smartphones and other mobile devices. It offers various user interfaces (Phosh, Plasma Mobile, Sxmo, Plasma Desktop, Gnome 3, Kodi, XFCE4, ...).


Official images for the PinePhone Pro will be available once it is in the "community" category of devices. Until then, build your own image with pmbootstrap.

See the pine64-pinephonepro page of the postmarketOS wiki for details.


Factory releases