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Links to information:
Links to information:
[https://www.pine64.org/pinephonepro/ Product Page]
*[https://www.pine64.org/pinephonepro/ Product Page]
[https://www.pine64.org/2021/10/15/october-update-introducing-the-pinephone-pro/ Blogpost] with announcement
*[https://www.pine64.org/2021/10/15/october-update-introducing-the-pinephone-pro/ Blogpost] with announcement
[https://xnux.eu/log/#047 Megi]'s blogpost about the device
*[https://xnux.eu/log/#047 Megi]'s blogpost about the device

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The PinePhone Pro is an upgraded PinePhone. It has 4 GB RAM and 128 GB eMMC, and has a hexa-core RK3399S processor. The RK3399S is a special version of the RK3399 made specifically for the PinePhone Pro.

Links to information: