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There are a number of options to hardware mod the PinePhone.

Some are upgrades to fix issues that were not done optimally in the production of that version of the electronics, and some are to add options that were not part of the phone spec.


Make pictures of the situation before and after your mods, so you can comare the change, and don't need to disassemble the device to get the right pics later.

Device Specific Mods

There are a nr of upgrades possible for the different versions of the PinePhone.

"Don't be evil"


  • PMIC mod - Stops the battery drain from a shutdown phone, draining the battery to 0V.
  • VCONN mod - Unblocks the USB-C power negotiation rail, so convergence functions are unlocked.

UBPorts Community edition

  • VCONN mod - Unblocks the USB-C power negotiation rail, so convergence functions are unlocked.

There are also a number of mods that can be done adding more functions by adding extra hardware to the pogo pins, and a number of options to change the screen protector.

At this moment there are not many pogo addons, and most are just connector boards. Likely the makers will add links to these projects to this page. Pine is looking into adding a N900 style keyboard attached to these pins.

PMIC mod

PinePhone_1.1_VBUS_power_usage_Hardware_Fix The original description of this fix is given on megi's pager here https://xnux.eu/devices/pp-pmic-fix.jpg


The original description of this fix is given on megi's pager here https://xnux.eu/devices/pp-usbc-fix.jpg There is a discussion on the merits of the different ways to do the fix

VCONN mod, Removal only


There are now a few documented ways,

There are hopefully videos coming doing it the proper way, and so they can be linked here.

After this the firmware for the power negotiation chip needs to be upgraded, this can be done by running the factory test image, version http://images.postmarketos.org/pinephone/pine64-pinephone-20200724-factorytest55.img.xz or higher. This will do the firmware flashing and respond with a message indicating the state. After this the phone is ready for its added functions. ANX states:

  • No CC Fix - Fix not applied
  • No USB Cable - No USBC connection, cannot upgrade firmware
  • OK - Firmware Applied, you are all set

VCONN mod, Replacement

Using 2x NCP334FCT2G you could do the full fix, making VCONN powered devices able to negotiate power. IT needs the parts to be removed first without damaging the pads, and then replacing the parts.

Laser cut parts

Mcyam2 has created some laser cut templates for the rear facing components here:



Originally based on silver's work on a 3d printed rear frame

3D Printed parts

Silver 3d printed a folding keyboard mostly

Silver has created a 3d printable rear frame for pinephone, and used it to create a folding keyboard design (work in progress).