PinePhone Hardware Accessory Compatibility

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List of devices that have been tried on the PinePhone, and the results.

Peripheral equipment

Type Make/Model Connected
Hardware IDs Result Tested OS Notes
5-1 USB-C hub from aliexpress USBC 05e3:0626 hub PD not working,
rest not working yet
UBPorts/pmOS HDMI, GBit eth, 2xUSB-3, USB-C PD
Generic Bluetooth keyboard generic BT -- No pairing via ui, but functional via terminal pmOS Instructions
UMAX U-Connect Type-C Multiport H7 ts-bohemia USBC - USB-A ports, PD, HDMI works, SD card reader not enumerating on PP with removed VCONN switches (may need VCONN) Arch Linux HDMI, 3xUSB-3, USB-C PD, SD reader
Google Pixel USB-C to 3.5mm adapter google USBC 18d1:5029 Works, recognized as usb soundcard, but only if a cable is plugged in pmOS
Anker PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB-C PD Ethernet Hub Anker USBC -- USB Ports and HDMI Port work, can charge while using this device (needs VCONN HW mod) Mobian HDMI, USB3, Ethernet, PD-USBC, SD Card, Micro SD Card
Dell WD-15 Docking station Dell USB-C 0424:2807 USB Ports and charging works. Audio sinks and DP status changes are detected (needs VCONN HW mod and ANX firmware) pmOS HDMI, VGA and DP might work after a kernel update. ANX firmware is needed for charging after VCONN mod.
Microsoft HD-500 Dock Microsoft Docs USB-C -- USB Hub, Display Out, and Power Delivery all works. (needs VCONN HW mod and ANX firmware) Mobian
HP Elite x3 LapDock HP Product Info USB-C -- Dock display, keyboard/trackpad, and Power Delivery all works. (needs VCONN HW mod and ANX firmware) Haven't tested micro-HDMI port or the internal USB-C hub. Mobian


Screen protector

Official: PinePhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Most screen protectors for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone XS Max fit the PinePhone (if the top notch is not obscured by a black foil or similar).


The Pine store got official cases:

Tight-fit cases of other phones can't be alienated for the PinePhone due as most times the proportions and/or camera notch won't fit. The phone can however also be used with "phone sleeves", such as those from fitBAG.