PinePhone Hardware Accessory Compatibility

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The PinePhone and PinePhone Pro is compatible with a wide variety of accessories. A selection can be found here.


Screen protector

The official screen protector can be found in the Pine64 store under PinePhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

Most screen protectors for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max and Huawei Y7 (2018) fit the PinePhone if the top notch is not obscured by a black foil or a similar obstruction.


The Pine store has official cases:

Tight-fit cases of other phones can't be used with the PinePhone because most times the proportions and/or camera notch won't fit. The phone can however be used with most "phone sleeves", such as those from fitBAG. The sleeve from fitBAG for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro fits the PinePhone tightly.


The PinePhone and PinePhone Pro can be extended by replacing the default back cover with custom accessory connecting to the pogo pins on the phone's midsection. Currently the keyboard case, the fingerprint reader, the wireless charging case and the PineDio LoRa case is available.

Keyboard case

Main article: PinePhone (Pro) Add-ons

The keyboard case adds a keyboard to the phone. It features a ISO QWERTY layout (key caps can be rearranged), a 6000mAh internal battery with manual ON/OFF toggle, an open and programmable firmware, an unpopulated internal USB header for hacking in additional functionality and an USB-C connector for charging, capable of powering the case and phone. The keyboard requires software support in the corresponding operating system.

The keyboard case can be found on the store:

Fingerprint reader case

Main article: PinePhone (Pro) Add-ons

The fingerprint case adds fingerprint sensor functionality using a high quality fingerprint sensor capable of accepting swipe input (up/down and left/right). Gestures could potentially be used for scrolling or UI navigation. The i2c bridge between the phone and sensor uses an open firmware written by Zachary Schroeder.

The fingerprint reader case can be found on the store:

Wireless charging case

Main article: PinePhone (Pro) Add-ons

The wireless charging case adds wireless charging functionality via Qi Wireless and Wireless Power Consortium protocols. It features a HL6111RFNWP5 wireless power receiver, which accepts 5W charging, it works with all operating systems without the need of any additional software and is making use of the pogo pin interface.

The wireless charging case can be found on the store:

PineDio LoRa case

Main article: PinePhone (Pro) Add-ons

The PineDio LoRa case adds the possibility to use LoRa with the PinePhone. It uses pogo pins located on the smartphone’s midsection and attaches by replacing the default back cover. It uses the Semtech SX1262 power efficient LoRa module. Software enabling the LoRa module to work with the PinePhone has been written by JF, who also showcased the PinePhone receiving and LoRa messages using the case.

The PineDio LoRa case can be found on the store:

Community-built accessory

The following accessory is made by the community:

Peripheral equipment


USB hubs do not require a custom driver and are therefore expected to be compatible with the PinePhone, as long as they are within the USB specification. On revisions the PinePhone mainboard revisions v1.1 and v1.2 the VCONN fix is required, on v1.2a and later the USB hub should work out of the box, see PinePhone#Hardware revisions.

Bluetooth devices

In general, Bluetooth should be working. However, due to the audio setup on the PinePhone and PinePhone Pro being complicated due to the dynamic rerouting needed for phone calls.