PinePhone Hardware Accessory Compatibility

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List of devices that have been tried on the PinePhone, and the results.

Peripheral equipment

Type Make/Model Connected
Hardware IDs Result Tested OS Notes
5-1 USB-C hub from aliexpress USBC 05e3:0626 hub PD not working,
rest not working yet
UBPorts/pmOS HDMI, GBit eth, 2xUSB-3, USB-C PD
Generic Bluetooth keyboard generic BT -- No pairing via ui, but functional via terminal pmOS Instructions
UMAX U-Connect Type-C Multiport H7 ts-bohemia USBC - USB-A ports, PD, HDMI works, SD card reader not enumerating on PP with removed VCONN switches (may need VCONN) Arch Linux HDMI, 3xUSB-3, USB-C PD, SD reader
Google Pixel USB-C to 3.5mm adapter google USBC 18d1:5029 Works, recognized as usb soundcard, but only if a cable is plugged in pmOS


Screen protector

Most screen protectors for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone XS Max fit the PinePhone (if the top notch is not obscured by a black foil or similar).


The Pine store got official cases:

Tight-fit cases of other phones can't be alienated for the PinePhone due as most times the proportions and/or camera notch won't fit. The phone can however also be used with "phone sleeves", such as those from fitBAG.