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Setting the APN

The location of the APN setting depend on the user interface the distribution is using.

Distributions with Phosh

APN settings are either located in Settings > Mobile > Access Point Names (pureOS, Debian + Phosh) or Settings > Network > Network Dropdown > Add new connection (pmOS, Fedora).

Distributions with Plasma Mobile


List of tested carriers

Disclaimer: Go to the websites of or speak to the customer support lines of those carriers which you want to use. No guarantees. This list is simply user-generated and serves to demonstrate examples of what worked for them. This list is not exhaustive, does not cover all possible carriers.

ATT-based (USA)

  • ATT
  • Metro

Red Pocket (USA)

You can choose AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint network. Known to work with the GSMA (ATT) SIM, calls and SMS work.

APN settings:

name: Red Pocket

Mint Mobile (USA)

Call their customer service to activate using the number on their website, or activate on their website. You may also need to reboot your phone.

Use the following APN settings:

Name: Ultra
APN: Wholesale


Tracfone (USA)

BYOP SIM Card Kit works with T-Mobile and AT&T compatible SIM cards provided in BYOP kit.

Calls, SMS and 3G/4G data known to work with AT&T SIM (most likely works for T-Mobile as well).

Use the following APN settings:

Name: Tracfone

Mobile Vikings (Belgium)

Name: Mobile Vikings
Username: web
Password: web


Virgin Mobile (Canada)

Settings might work with Bell Canada too since it is the same network. Calls, SMS and 4G data appear to be working fine. Note that SIM may well be nano-sim but pinephone is micro-sim and may require an adapter.

Name: Mobile Fast Web

Carriers That Do Not Work

  • FreedomPop (USA): VoIP-service. Customer service said they require Android 4.3+, and their free calling and texting works only with the Google Play app they make you use. So calls and texts don't work with non-smart phones and won't work with the PinePhone (even though it is a smart phone) because of software incompatibility. However, the data part still work if APN has been seen correctly set to You get 200MB free data per month. However, please watch out that you will get ding by $20 top up charge when over 200MB limit.
  • VoLTE services like Sprint or Verizon

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