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This page or section is under construction

Please help to review and edit this page or section. Information are subject to change.

This space is intended to track the current status of documentation. As documentation is generated and organized in a more cohesive way, this may no longer be necessary.

Who Can Contribute

Hopefully anyone! These are people who are thinking especially hard about this:

  • Aarondabomb
  • rjulian

What needs to get done

  1. Reorganize the information that's already at PineNote Development.
    This means creating new pages, like PineNote: Getting Started that contains the important info.
  2. Create a getting started page
  3. Page to more clearly describe what "the project" even is
    1. Answer the question: Why does Pine64 sell the PineNote?
    2. There are a number of folks doing different things. There is no cohesive effort, but what someone else accomplishes may help you, and documenting/organizing these efforts can maximize the chances for cross-pollination.
  4. Outline how to get involved in the community.
    We know there's chat, but that's not "active" involvement.
  5. Provide resources to learn about the technology behind the PineNote and development efforts.

End User Personas to Consider

When we think of "who may buy/use a PineNote", we have to consider the personas who would purchase this:

  • Hardware developers interested in e-ink and open source development
  • Software developers who enjoy e-ink hardware and want to explore building software leveraging e-ink hardware.
  • Technologists who understand the product category and want to experience/test out using the PineNote.
  • Pure end users who want an open source/copyleft version of the remarkable 2.
  • End users who have no clue about the product category (e.g. imagine they got this as a gift).

Right now, of the above personas, none of them are getting effective documentation, with hardware developers getting the most information of the bunch.


Images, diagrams and technical data of the Pinenote's internals to be added

System on Chip


Touch Panel