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This space is intended to track the current status of documentation. As documentation is generated and organized in a more cohesive way, this may no longer be necessary.

Who Can Contribute

Hopefully anyone! These are people who are thinking especially hard about this:

  • Aarondabomb

What needs to get done

  1. Reorganize the information that's already at PineNote Development. This should give high level overview of development efforts
    I made PineNote Development copy to draft some reorgs.
  2. Create a getting started page
  3. Page to more clearly describe what "the project" even is
    1. There are a number of folks doing different things. There is no cohesive effort, but what someone else accomplishes may help you, and documenting/organizing these efforts can maximize the chances for cross-pollination.
  4. Pull up to date 'getting started' information together