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  1. What I'm Doing

1. Clone mw's stuff and parse out his scripts 1.1 Start 1.1.1 We can just run this as is. Note whatever dir we run it in will have smaeul's linux kernel cloned into it (as well as patches. aka make this a clean directory to work in) 1.2 1.2.1 Run this in the same directory. I started at 12:32 (finished within 15 mins) 1.3 1.3.1 send dtb into `/boot/dtbs/rockchip/` (note that I don't have v1.2 yet this is new) `scp rk3566-pinenote-v1.2.dtb root@pinenote:/boot/dtbs/rockchip/` 1.3.2 update extlinux.conf to point to this new dtb 1.3.3 send over image to /boot 1.3.4 send modules to overwrite what's in /lib/modules : `rsync --delete -avh --progress lib/modules/5.17.0-rc6-next-20220304-* root@pinenote:/lib/modules/` I didn't have rsync installed on pinenote (it needs to be on client and server). Installation failed because i had new dtb "existing in filesystem" so I moved it to /root for now. 1.4 compile mesa 1.4.1 get mesa from here: (I can't install since I am deving on debian, not arch). 1.4.2 Try to run dpkg-buildpackage gives me an error saying it can't open debian/changelog. I think this is because the mesa prebuilt isn't a debian package...unsure