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App support on PineNote

The PineNote is a specialized device. Finding and configuring apps that work well will require a lot of tweaking and a lot exploring. Here is a video showing the performance of a few applications.

Desktop Environments


0cc4m's config

Getting touch + pen working on sway

If you notice that touching the screen works, but when you use the pen the mouse coordinates are inverted, don't worry! We can fix it! Set rockchip_ebc.panel_reflection=0 on boot (see this page for more info). Add the following line to your sway config:

# This line rotates the mouse input by 180 degrees. See
input "type:table_tool" calibration_matrix -1 0 1 0 -1 1


Maximilian's Config

Note: You may need to compile a modified mutter as well.



Works well, writing is pretty quick.

Web Browsing


Viewing static webpages is okay right now. Webapps like Google Docs are almost unusable.

GPU Acceleration in Firefox

See 0ccam's notes here.