PineNote: Getting Started

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This page or section is under construction

Please help to review and edit this page or section. Information are subject to change.

This page is a work in progress. Its goals are to help users get their devices up and running while minimizing redundancy with other pages (e.g., Documentation, Development), and to synthesize information provided in existing guides. Sections below represent a rough outline and will need to be expanded with details and further instructions.

Who Can Contribute

Background / Intro

Information on software shipped with the Pinenote

Accessories included in the box (UART dongle; USB-C to USB-A cable; stylus)


  • This section should provide the user with a listing of required software, e.g., for cross-compiling; communicating via UART, etc.
  • The following sections should walk the user through the process of going from a factory-fresh device to a functional e-ink tablet running linux.


Factory setup

Possible configurations for

  • dual boot
  • linux alone

Modifying the Bootloader

Installing Linux

Choosing Your GUI

Tweaks and Useful Apps

Links to dotfiles, configuration examples, etc.