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The PINE H64 Model B

The PINE H64 Model B is a Single Board Computer by PINE64. It is powered by an Allwinner “H6” Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit Processor with a MALI T-722 GPU. The PINE H64 is equipped with up to 3GB of LPDDR3 PC-1600 system memory and 128Mbit of SPI boot Flash. There is also an optional eMMC module (up to 128GB) and a microSD slot for booting. The board is equipped with an onboard 802.11n Wifi/BT chipset, one USB 3.0 host port, two USB 2.0 host ports, Gigabit Ethernet, a PI-2 GPIO bus, an Euler GPIO bus as well as many other peripheral device interfaces such as UART, SPI, and I2C.


There are two types of PINE H64 models:

Software Releases

The following releases are for the PINE H64 Model B




Armbian is a Linux distribution designed for ARM boards. They are usually Debian or Ubuntu flavored.


Manjaro ARM


Manjaro is a user-friendly Linux distribution based on the independently developed Arch operating system. To learn more about Manjaro please visit the Manjaro Forum. Download:



DietPi is a lightweight yet easy to setup and feature-rich Linux distribution, based on Debian. To find out more about DietPi, please visit the official documentation. Discuss the PINE H64 build on the PINE64 forum thread.


Default credentials
Default user root/dietpi



LibreELEC is a "Just enough OS" Linux distribution combining the Kodi media center with an operating system.


  • Daily builds (look for look for LibreELEC-H6.arm-xxx-nightly-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-pine-h64-model-b.img.gz]


  • Supports microSD card and eMMC boot




FreeBSD is an operating system used to power modern servers, desktops, and embedded platforms. To learn more about FreeBSD, please visit FreeBSD main page.



  • FreeBSD supports booting from the microSD card



NetBSD is a free, fast, secure, and highly portable Unix-like Open Source operating system. To learn more about NetBSD please visit NetBSD main page.



  • NetBSD supports booting from the microSD card
  • Instructions concerning enabling SSH can be found here
Default credentials
Root user and SSH root/[none]

SoC and Memory Specification

  • Based on Allwinner H6

Allwinner H64.png

CPU Architecture

  • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 Processor@1488Mhz
  • A power-efficient ARM v8 architecture
  • 64 and 32bit execution states for scalable high performance
  • Trustzone technology supported
  • Support NEON Advanced SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) instruction for acceleration of media and signal processing function
  • Support Large Physical Address Extensions(LPAE)
  • VFPv4 Floating Point Unit
  • 32KB L1 Instruction cache and 32KB L1 Data cache
  • 512KB L2 cache

GPU Architecture

  • ARM Mali T-720MP2 Dual-core GPU
  • Supports OpenGL ES 3.1/3.0/2.0/1.1, OpenCL 1.2/1.1
  • Supports ATSC (Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression)
  • Supports FAST(4x)FSAA, IO Coherency
  • Floating point operation greater than 70 GFLOPS

System Memory

  • RAM Memory Variants: 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB LPDDR3.
  • Storage Memory: PINE H64 boards have built-in 128Mb SPI Flash memory, use bootable eMMC module, bootable microSD Cards or USB attached storage.

Board Features


  • Digital Video 4KP60 (Type A - full)


  • 3.5mm stereo earphone/microphone plug


  • 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac with Bluetooth 4.0/4.1
  • MHF1 RF coaxial connector for external BT/wifi antenna


  • microSD - bootable, support SDHC and SDXC, storage up to 256GB
  • USB - 1 USB3.0 Host port and 2 USB2.0 Host port

Expansion Ports

  • RTC - Real Time Clock Battery Connector
  • Wifi/BT Module Header - SDIO 3.0 and UART
  • 2x20 pins "Pi2" GPIO Header
  • 3x3 pins "EXT" Header giving console, power switch and reset switch access


  • The console UART is available on the 6-pin header connector between the HDMI and headphone jacks. The pins are on the front row, closer to the board's edge: TX, RX, GND, from left (HDMI) to right (headphone).
  • The default standard is 8,n,1 at 115200bps.

Information, Schematics and Certifications

  • Board Dimensions: 85mm x 56mm x 18.8mm
  • Input Power: DC 5V @ 3A, 3.5mm OD/ 1.35mm ID DC jack connector

PINE H64 board schematics:

PINE H64 Model B certification:

Datasheets for Components and Peripherals

Mali-T720 driver

A good DRM PowerPoint presentation by Free Electron here and the DRM video presentation by Free Electron here.

32-bit Wayland MALI Driver:

64-bit Wayland MALI Driver:


Linux BSP Kernel 4.9


  • Direct download from (5.04GB, MD5 of the TAR-XZ file 06B675B1C217D4CC6A21FF320DA250C1)

Android SDK

Android Pie 9.0 SDK version 1.0

  • Direct download from (29.14GB, MD5 of the TAR-XZ file 734B4DBB03CAF82A4E955F7E83DE0C65)