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PINE64 is a community-driven company focused on creating high-quality, low-cost ARM devices and, more recently, RISC-V devices for individuals and businesses around the globe. PINE64 made its debut with the PINE A64 single-board computer, which successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2015. PINE64 has since released a multitude of other devices, including both development boards and end-user devices.

PINE64 has a large, diverse and active community, and offers a variety of resources for hobbyists and businesses to successfully leverage various PINE64 products. To become connected and involved with the community, please see Community and Support for a list of available channels and chat platforms. To learn more about PINE64, please visit the PINE64 website and the PINE64 store.

For information about PINE64 branding, including the usage of the PINE64 logo in non-commercial and other applications please read the article about our brand and logo.


Pinebook Pro (left) and PinePhone (right)

You can learn more about the following ARM and RISC-V devices manufactured by PINE64:

Community and Support

Community collaboration and support is focused around the chat platforms and forums described below. As an example of the collaborative efforts of the community, recent activity has resulted in drafting a proposal for a new flash-based storage device. See Getting Started | PINE64 for tips about how to get started with the PINE64 community.

Chat Platforms

PINE64 has a large and very active community. Community discussion takes place on a variety of chat platforms, which are all bridged together so the messages sent via one platform are sent to all other platforms automatically. The community chat platforms are the following:

  • Discord: use the invite link. All channels are available.
  • Matrix and Telegram:
Channel Matrix Telegram
PINE64 News Unavailable @PINE64_News
PINE A64 SBC @mtrx_pine64
ROCK64 / ROCKPro64 @mtrx_rock64
Quartz64 Quartz64
Quartz64 Development @q64dev
Pinebook and Pinebook Pro @mtx_pinebook
PinePhone @pinephone
PineTab @PineTab
PineNote @PineNote
PineTime @pinetime
PineTime Development @pinetime_dev
Accessories Unavailable Unavailable
Pinecil Pinecil
Pinetalk Unavailable Unavailable
Cube Unavailable
Nutcracker Nutcracker
LoRa @pine64lora
Off-topic @pine64offtopic
  • IRC: The IRC channels can be reached via Support requests via IRC are discouraged, users are advised to look into the Matrix communication protocol as contemporary solution instead.


PINE64 runs an official forum powered by the open-source forum server software MyBB. The forum can be used to report issues, help out other users, offer findings and new information and more. Users can also engage directly with the community and the developers of partner projects, as well as with the PINE64 members.

The official PINE64 forum can be accessed here:

Also, these are the official Subreddits:

Helpful Information for Beginners

  • Getting started: basic information on setting up and handling PINE64 devices, such as how to write (flash) OS images to microSD cards and eMMC modules