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Pine64 is a community driven company delivering ARM devices to business and tinkering hobbyists around the globe. Best known for its Pine A64 (+) development board which successfully launched on Kickstarter in later 2015, the company has moved on to releasing the SoPine module, the Pinebook open-source laptop, Rock64 Single Board Computer and PADI stamp microcontroller.

Pine64 has a large and active community and offers a variety of resources for businesses and hobbyists to take advantage of in their projects.

To learn more about Pine64 and the available devices please visit the official Pine64 website.

PINE64 Devices

Click on a devices to see available OS builds, software downloads, datasheets, schematics, BSP, as well as other goodies.

PINE%20A64.png PINE A64 Main Page           Pinebook.png Pinebook Main Page           ROCK64.png ROCK64 Main Page

PINE%20A64-LTS-SOPine.png PINE A64-LTS/SOPine Main Page

Section Selection

The NOOB section will help you get started with your Pine64 device and walk you though the basics including hardware setup, flashing OS images as well as basic troubleshooting. Knowledgebase is a collection of known issues, fixes and improvements. Lastly, the Project section is a collection of community projects. Have you resolved a longstanding issues or just completed a cool project you'd like to share so it may inspire others? - if yes, then feel free to contribute.

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Help and Support

Haven't found what you're looking for on the Wiki? Don't worry, many of our users and contributors will be glad to help you out and answer your questions. If your question pertains to setting up a device, software issues or project support then please post on the PINE64 forum or pose your question(s) in our IRC. If you suspect your device may be faulty or been damaged during shipping please file a ticket on the PINE64 Support Portal.

Pine64 Forum

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Pine64 IRC Logs

Pine64 Support Portal