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PINE64 Community Knowledge Base Page

This wiki still under construction and following information still incomplete


The PINE64 Wiki is community driven and can be edited by anyone who wishes to contribute.

Please remember to always login into the Wiki to see the latest updates. You can use your PINE64 forum login details.

There are currently 65 articles on this wiki.


In this section you will find a selection of how-to's aimed at improving your experience with your device as well as hardware and peripheral tutorials. Select the subject to wish to learn more about or contribute an article to.

Fixes and Improvements, as the heading entails, is a collection of software refinements for your device's system: these include written guides as well as links to scripts, forum posts, git instructions and third party sites. Peripherals and Hardware Knowledge base is dedicated to the physical hardware setup instructions and walk-throughs, installation or assembly demonstrations, physical hacks as well as software tutorials related to a particular piece of hardware.


Fixes and Improvements

BSD Unix


Peripherals and Hardware Knowledgebase

SPI Flash
eMMC Memory Modules
Keyboards, Trackpads and Mice
Wifi and Bluetooth
Batteries and Power Supply Units

Other Resources

Here you will find additional resources and information concerning PINE64 devices. Among the available resources are media articles, previews and reviews of the devices as well as related external articles.



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