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Connecting to your Device via SSH

How you connect via SSH depends on what OS you are using as a client (the device you want to SSH From). The server in this case is the Rock 64 Board.

The username/password of the Rock64 OS will depend on which OS you've downloaded and flashed:



If you use Windows, it doesnt have an SSH client installed, you'll need to download one to SSH into the Rock 64.

Here is one such program:

However, for step 2, you'll need to insert the IP address of the Rock 64 ou found in the previous post: In my example it was Yours will likely be different.

You should have it looking somewhat similar to this:


Click on "Open" to start initiating a SSH connection. You might get a warning message about a RSA key.


Its not important at this stage, since it is over a local connection and you have physical access to the hardware. Accept the connection.

Once you accept the connection, you'll be prompted to insert a Username/Password. This depends on the OS image you downloaded, its available on the Wiki Link. In My case, the image is the "Xenial Mate" image, so the username/password is rock64/rock64. Its normal to not see the password being typed in, this is a security feature.


If everything goes well, you should now be logged into your Board, and the display should look something like this:


That means you're in and you can issue commands and communicate with your board via SSH!

Mac OS:

I dont have a Mac OS device to test this out on, but the process is much more simpler on Mac OS and Linux than windows.

In this scenario, the string:

ssh username@ip.address

Would look like

ssh rock64@

Again, this depends on which Image was downloaded and what the IP address is.


Very similar to the MacOs guide. Open your favourite terminal emulator installed in your distro and enter the credentials and thats all there is to it!

Further reading: