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Draft from JF

Dear Pinetimer,

Congratulations on your new smartwatch devkit.

Getting started:

This devkit is running InfiniTime, one of many open source firmwares available for the PineTime. Like many others, this project is still under development, but already provides functionalities such as time synchronization with your phone, over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades and support from companion applications like Gadgetbridge on Android and Amazfish on SailfishOS. You can learn more about InfiniTime on the website of the project ( or its Github repository (

The OTA upgrade functionality allows you to install new versions of InfiniTime, or even other compatible firmwares like Hypnos ( and Klok (

Please note that it is still recommended to have an SWD debugger at hand in case the OTA upgrade fails or if you need to install a new version of the bootloader.

There are many other projects under development. The complete list, containing much more information (technical details, FAQ, howtos...), is available on the Pine64 Wiki (

You are a developer?

Welcome to the community! You can choose to contribute to an existing project, or start yours from scratch. All you need is an SWD debugger (ST-LinkV2, J-Link, OpenOCD probe,...) and some programming knowledge.

Is it possible to contribute without programming knowledge?

Yes, of course! You can join the community, test the firmwares and their new features, report bugs, write documentation and articles about the Pinetime,...


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Another draft