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Wifi/Bluetooth module:

Acrylic Open Enclosure:

If you wish to stack two or more of these enclosures, the screws that serve as feet can be replaced by M8-1.25x16mm grub screws.

1.25mm is the pitch between threads, and for the M8 (8mm outer diameter) that's the default pitch, and most are advertised as M8x16mm screws. 16mm is really the minimum workable length to catch both the bottom and top aluminium standoffs, with both washers and the acrylic sheet in between. It's workable, but if you can get 20mm it's probably for the best.


Simple 3D Printed Case by Harlandraka

Sliding 3D Printed Case by Harlandraka

C4 Labs Case for the Pine

7" LCD Touch Screen Panel:

Real Time Clock (RTC) battery holder (AAA battery type):

Real Time Clock (RTC) battery holder (CR-2032 Coin Cell battery type):